WooShipping Features | DHL Plugin For WooCommerce

Ship Reliably With DHL Plugin For WooCommerce

Easy to Use

Set your default settings once and enjoy an efficient and reliable shipping experience every time. Default settings can be overridden on a per-order basis as required.

Generate Documents

WooShipping helps you automate fulfilling your orders by generating tracking numbers, shipping labels and commercial invoices.


WooShipping works best over secure connections (SSL). This ensures secure communication between your customers and your store and between your store and DHL.

Ship From Multiple Locations

One point of sale, multiple stock locations? No problem. You can save and choose from multiple shipping locations whenever you need to.

Choose When Packages Ship

Not quite ready to send your package out today? You choose when the package will be ready to be shipped.

Streamlines your E-Commerce

Getting your products into the hands of your customers is made efficient by automating many of the repetitive, time-consuming tasks involved in shipping.

Comprehensive List of Features

Looking to see what the WooShipping Admin Panel looks like? Find out here

Custom tailored experience using unique country editions

Shipping Rates

  • Enable/disable real-time shipping rates
  • Choose which shipping rates to request (list rates or account rates)
  • Choose which rates to display to the customer during checkout
  • Enable/disable insurance by default and at the individual order level

Shipping Locations & Destinations

  • Set-up which countries WooShipping DHL Plugin For WooCommerce can ship to (all countries, specific countries only)
  • Enable/disable showing the customer the estimated delivery date
  • Choose which currency WooShipping DHL Plugin For WooCommerce will use to communicate with DHL
  • Set-up multiple locations to ship from
  • Choose a default location to ship from
  • Override the default shipping location for individual orders


  • Set your default units of measurement (pounds and inches or kilograms and centimeters)
  • Set the default packaging solution to use
  • Override the default packaging solution in individual orders
  • Set-up custom boxes with their own unique dimensions, weight, and maximum weight capacity
  • Organize your boxes by dragging and dropping
  • WooShipping DHL Plugin For WooCommerce will automatically add boxes for your selected country edition
  • WooShipping DHL automatically determines the best box to use for the list of products you’re shipping
  • You can override the packaging settings in individual orders

Customs & Duties

  • Enable/disable showing Customs settings by default
  • Enable/disable Paperless Trade (PLT)
  • Set a default reason for shipment (permanent, temporary, etc.)
  • Set a default option for Incoterms (international commerce terms)
  • Set a default option for duty tax payment type
  • Input a duty account number if you’re using third party/other for duty tax payment type
  • Enable/disable automatically scrolling to WooShipping DHL when editing an order

Shipping Services

  • View a list of available services from DHL
  • Drag and drop to reorganize your list of DHL services
  • Give each DHL service a custom display name
  • Set a price adjustment for each DHL service by currency unit (dollars, for example) or by percent
  • Choose which DHL services appear in the front-end and in the back-end
  • Set a default DHL service for domestic and international shipments

Shipping Documents

  • Choose the print-size and file format of your shipping labels
  • Set a default value for shipping contents
  • Set a default shipment message on the order view page


  • Enable/disable debug mode
  • Override the size and/or number of packages for individual orders
  • Choose the package shipping date (today, tomorrow or another day in the future)